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Let’s be honest. Even in this age of social media and YouTube, it’s still all about the story.
Why? Because humans are hardwired for stories. Our brains need stories to give us context in this crazy world of ours, so much so that 60% of all communication in a day are stories – stories we tell others, stories we tell ourselves and stories others tell us. Don’t blame us for this fact. It’s science.

The good new is, we know how to tell a stellar story. We’ve been doing it all our lives (well, 60% of it at least). Long before storytelling became hip in the communications world and everyone started boasting they were experts in the craft, we were in the trenches telling client stories 20 years ago. Over the last two decades we have worked in every medium imaginable – video, film, print, social media, web, books, novels, scripts, speeches, you name it – all with a single thread in them: A great story.

Even in our seemingly hectic world today where everything is being reduced to 144 characters or less, an audience, your customers, will stop dead in their tracks if they come across a great story. Their brains simply can’t help it. It’s like crack for the mind.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of crap out there disguised as stories these days. Now, we can’t blame the johnny-come-latelies out there who are trying to get in on the action, claiming they are suddenly storytellers. It’s not necessarily their fault. It takes years of honing your craft to be a storyteller, whether you’re writing that bestselling novel or turning out a new product brochure. You can’t learn it in a marketing class in college or from an online video. It takes years practice, it takes perseverance, and a deep understanding of the psychology of the consumer or client.

We can safely claim our rightful place as great storytellers. Over the years, we’ve delighted our clients with our prose, from witty ad campaigns to entire websites that get results.

Our strength is stringing words, sentences and paragraphs together into a gripping story that people can’t ignore. And within that story, we deftly weave in your pitch, influencing the audience to see your point, persuading them to make a purchase, luring them to switch from a competitor’s product to yours or changing the mind of even the most ardent cynic or naysayer.

We must confess, we love words. And we love the power they can wield when they are strung together in a compelling, powerful story that sticks.