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About Us

We’ve heard that two heads may be better than one, but why stop at there? We have many creative minds at work at CommuniCreations and they all bring something different to the table.

For starters, we’re nimble, knowledgeable, creative and affordable. We don’t have big agency fees because we don’t have layers of staff and management, all taking a slice of your pie. We don’t have insatiable egos because our work isn’t about awards; it’s about results.

We’re a small company that thinks big. We serve big clients in our small shop. We are undaunted by impossible odds. We thrive on pressure. We sometimes work around the clock to exceed our client’s expectations. We don’t like to color inside the lines very much. And the person you speak with is the decision-maker – no need to wait for someone else to make a decision about your project.

Let’s see… what else?

Oh, yes! How about boundless imaginations? Breathtakingly fresh ideas. A non-traditional, cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving. An intimate understanding of communication in a connected, global marketplace. More than 50 years of collective experience in communication, marketing and advertising in today’s complex marketplace. And a flexible structure that can expand or contract to handle projects of any size and scope.

Just ask our clients in high tech, finance, retail, wholesale, government, health care, hospitality, professional services and education. They’ll tell you about our superior service, innovative solutions and sparkling personalities.

So who are the communication savants of CommuniCreations?

CommuniCreations is anchored by award-winning communication professionals who cut their teeth in the private and public sectors and then went out on their own to share their experience and expertise in communication, marketing and branding with others.

We engage a network of talented professionals that no one could afford to have on staff full time. They’re top-tier designers, programmers, illustrators, marketing savants, digital videographers, broadcast experts, tradeshow zealots and a host of other professionals who at the very top of their game. And because we can bring them in on a project-by-project basis, we can offer their talents and creativity to our clients without busting the budget.

We are able to quickly scale our staff to meet any and all of our clients’ needs. And since they work directly for us, you don’t have to worry about dealing with subcontractors, gig workers or those pesky 1099s.