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Our Mantra (ummmm.)

We could bore you silly with a list of our creative services (and we will in a moment), but what we really offer our clients is “peace of mind.”

Now the long form…

At CommuniCreations, we value our clients above all else. From the moment you first contact us until the completion of the relationship, we will treat you with dignity, respect and honesty.

Quite frankly, we love working with our clients. Not because they pay our bills. But because we are able to meet their needs, solve their problems, develop innovative solutions on their behalf and exceed their expectations. We are not a quick-sale company. We are a long-term partner.

We go the extra mile because we want our clients to succeed. Sure, we like to be creative, out there on the edge, developing award-winning projects. But if they fail to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives, then we fail as well. Frankly, we’ve won enough awards. We’ve had enough time in the spotlight. What we’re interested in now is solving our clients’ vexing e-communication problems, particularly in this ever-changing connected world.

So how do we go about working with our clients and solving their vexing communication issues?

It starts by listening. When you contact us, we’ll start by asking you a lot of questions about your business, the challenges you face, the processes that are in place and your perceptions about what is needed to address the issues relating to your communication strategies and processes. In order to give you the best answer, we have to know as much about the situation as possible.

We don’t pretend to be know-it-alls. Sure, we know our business. But we don’t necessarily know anything about yours. The good news is, we’re fast learners and chances are good we’ve worked with other organizations in your industry or profession. Perhaps more important, we know what works and what doesn’t in traditional and digital communications, both to internal audiences and external stakeholders. And we can bring that experience to the table.

Once we have the information we need, we develop a creative brief on the project. Here, we summarize the project’s objectives, your goals, the tactics or components of the solution, budget, timeline and creative.

If you review the plan and everything looks good, we’re off and running. If we missed something or you have additions or changes, that’s fine too. We want the creative brief to serve as a mutually agreeable plan for the project.

A note about costs. Whenever possible, we will provide you with a fixed-cost estimate for the entire project. We don’t nickel and dime our clients. We don’t charge hourly rates. And unless the scope of the project changes drastically once we’re underway, the initial estimate is the final bill you receive. Period. There are enough surprises in the world already.

How can we do this and still stay in business? Well, after all these years, we’re pretty good at sizing up a project and how much it will cost. Of course, there have been times when we were wrong. A time or two we were very wrong. But the client has never paid for our overexuberance or our commitment to quality.

Once you become a client of CommuniCreations, you’re treated with respect at all times. We won’t try to convince you to buy something you don’t need. We won’t deliver something to you that you did not want. We value the longevity of the relationship. And you can’t have a long-term relationship without mutual trust.

Another nice thing about being a client: you don’t hear the clock ticking every time you have a question or idea. Calls are free. We don’t add the cost of calls to your bill or bill you for the time it takes to talk to you. We are more than happy to answer your questions, explore options, expand on ideas and report back to you. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to hire us. Accessibility promotes comfort. It’s as simple as that. Nothing is worse than handing a project over to someone else and never hearing from them. We like contact, even if it’s over the phone or via e-mail.

Speaking of contact… We work with clients all over the country. Many we have never met face to face, even after years of working together. Of course, if you want to meet with us, we’re more than happy to see you face to face. But we’re just as comfortable using the wonders of modern technology: phone, fax and e-mail. We try to make our clients comfortable with this new way of working too.

Customer satisfaction is another core aspect of our business. Many of our clients have become our friends over the years. Others have used our services and moved on. We can safely say that we have never been fired for shoddy work, missed deadlines or poor customer service. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever been fired by anyone.

The reason why some of our clients have been with us is simple. We bend over backward to make our clients happy. We’ve been known to work long hours to meet impossible deadlines. We are zealots when it comes to quality. We stand behind everything we do. We return more value for the dollar than anyone around. And we back all of our projects with our commitment to superior customer service and solutions that exceed expectations.